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I Purchased 150 Prismacolor Premier Pencils! Now what?

I have been coloring for almost two years now. I have scoured Facebook Coloring Groups and made wishlists on Amazon for many of the products my coloring friends have been loving.

My purchases have been for small amounts of pencils of every brand that were in my price range. I’ve tried most of the affordable brands, and found that my affinity was for Prismacolor Premier Pencils!

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How To Create A Lazy Susan Pencil Carousel

It starts with one coloring book and some Crayola pencils.

Then you find yourself searching Amazon and seeing what other supplies people have in colouring groups and you begin to branch out. You get a set of the Prismacolor’s, and then some fineliners, and before long maybe some gel pens.

Before you know it you have multiple sets of pens and pencils, and you realize you’re spending more time trying to find that specific colour you need when you need it.

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