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Author Interview – Marjorie Sarnat

This is our second in a series of interviews with coloring book authors.

For this interview, we chose Marjorie Sarnat. Marjorie has been very helpful to us since the very beginning of Coloring For Fun. She has been very gracious with her time and talents along the way, and she has provided quotes for our articles, commented on our facebook page, and provided books for our giveaways.

Marjorie published her new book Fanciful Fashions a couple of weeks ago, so we thought that it was the perfect time for you to get to know her better, and to learn more about her newest book.

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Video Review: Flying Colors Adult Coloring Book

Welcome to Coloring For Fun’s video book review of Jennifer Allison’s new adult coloring book, Flying Colors: An Expert Level Coloring Adventure (Volume 1) 

This book contains 30 detailed, hand-drawn illustrations, and it was designed to let your imagination take flight into an inspirational journey of fun, nostalgia and creativity and leave all your stress and worries behind.

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Author Interview – Jennifer Allison

This is our first in a series of interviews with coloring book authors. For this first interview, we chose Jennifer Allison. I met Jennifer in a Facebook group, and while we were talking the subject of her new coloring book came up. When I told her that my family was starting Coloring For Fun, an immediate friendship was formed.

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How to Have More Fun With These Free Coloring Apps

Do you still think that coloring is just for kids?

If so, you are missing out on one of today’s fastest growing hobbies. Adult coloring is spreading worldwide,  and many coloring books for adults can be found on the bestseller lists.

Adult coloring books can be found everywhere, and many are using them as a way to relax and unwind. These titles include Color Me Calm, The Mindfulness Coloring Book, Balance, and Color Me Stress-Free.

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