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Secret Garden Artist's Edition Adult Coloring Book 2

Review: Secret Garden Artist’s Edition  

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Secret Garden Artist's Edition is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 stars by reviewers on

Ease of Use

Secret Garden Artist's Edition is designed for intermediate to advanced colorists. 


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Summary: The Secret Garden has sold over 2 million copies worldwide and launched the coloring craze for adults. This new artist's edition features 20 designs from the original Secret Garden An Inky Treasure Hunt And Coloring Book in an oversized poster book format that provides a larger space for an easier coloring experience.

In this review, I'll be showing you all of the benefits that Secret Garden Artist's Edition offers, and exactly what each page of this book looks like so that you can decide if it is the book for you. 

We Like

  • Single-sided
  • Printed on card stock
  • Easy to remove pages

We Don't Like

  • Only 3 drawings are larger than the original Secret Garden drawings
  • A few of the pages are slightly off centered

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book is the classic book that started the adult coloring phenomenon. If you have been coloring for a while, you probably own a copy of the Secret Garden. If you are anything like me, you have a love-hate relationship with the book.

You'll love the fact that this book is filled with beautiful designs of garden scenes. You don't love that the designs are printed on both sides of the page, which make using pens and markers impossible as they bleed through and ruin the image on the next page.

Until now, your only options were to purchase two copies of the book, photocopy the pages that you wanted to color, just use pencils, or pens that aren't as prone to bleed through.

The Secret Garden Artist’s Edition solves most of these issues for you. Not only are the images printed on one side of the page, but the paper is also thicker and of much higher quality. The page size is also larger, and the pages are removable for framing. There are only 20 images, but the ability to use whatever coloring medium one wants makes it totally worth it.

Secret Garden Artist’s Edition Review

Large Format 

The format is larger than the original book at approximately 10 x 13 inches. Unfortunately, only 3 of the 20 drawings are larger than the original designs. The others are the same size as the ones found in the Secret Garden with some additional imagery and repetition to fill the extra space.


The designs are printed only on the front of the page. You will not have to purchase a second book, make photocopies of each page, or choose designs that you want to color.

Heavy Paper

Every image is printed single-sided on heavyweight cardstock. This paper is perfect for markers, gel pens, and colored pencils without having to worry about bleed through.

Easily Removable

The special binding allows for easy removal of pages from the book, but also keeps the pages in place if you prefer to keep the book intact.

Features and Benefits

  • Large Format - More space to color
  • Single-Sided - You don’t have to choose which side to color
  • Thick Paper - No bleed through
  • Easily Removable - Easier to color

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Customer Reviews and Scores

I was excited to see that Johanna Basford was releasing an Artist's Edition for Secret Garden. This edition comes with 20 images that are printed single-sided on heavy duty paper and are easily removable for coloring and framing.

I found 167 customer reviews on at the time of writing, and they had awarded the Secret Garden Artist's Edition 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 on average. The customer reviews are positive overall, but there were a few negative points raised.

I was excited to get this book. It was bittersweet upon receiving it... I love the wonderful quality of the cardstock. It is beautifully made. However, I was disappointed in the choices of prints that they chose to put in the book. Many of the ones that were favorites of mine were left out. Instead, they chose some smaller sized prints that left a lot to be desired!”

Amazon Reviewer                 
Amazon Reviewer 

What I like about this is that you can easily remove the pages and stick it on a drawing board for easy coloring. The paper is really superb quality card-stock that can hold a number of dry and wet media with no bleeding. I have used watercolors, colored pencils, pens, and pastels, and they all hold really well on this paper. My only complaint is on the images chosen for this artist edition. I wish they had added more of the 2-page images found in the regular book and condensed them to fit the size of this paper. Really, it would have deserved 5 stars if that were the case..

Absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful and thick paper. A joy to color. The artwork is amazing. I just love this book."

Amazon Reviewer                 
Secret Garden Artist's Edition Adult Coloring Book 2

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This beautiful and interactive coloring book features delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations—all waiting for you to bring them to life with color.

God Bless America: A Patriotic Adult Coloring Book

God Bless America presents a patriotic theme never before captured in an adult coloring book, and it will help you return to simple pleasures and simpler times. So, slow down, quiet the noise, and express creativity as you color your way through history.

Review Summary

Product Name:

God Bless America: A Patriotic Adult Coloring Book

Product Type:

Adult Coloring Book




This 96-page, single-sided coloring book for adults contains 45 illustrations from nine different artists. It has a gold foil cover, thick paper stock, and detailed illustrations that will provide you with a high-quality coloring experience.


This 96-page, single-sided coloring book for adults contains 45 illustrations from nine different artists with different styles that will appeal to many different colorists. The gold foil cover, thick paper stock, and detailed illustrations found in God Bless America will provide you with a high-quality coloring experience.

“This coloring book can help take you into quiet reflection on God’s sovereignty over our nation,” said Susan Tjaden, WaterBrook & Multnomah editor. “It’s also an opportunity to reflect on our nation’s founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—and that we are strongest when we are united. So even though coloring can’t change the world, it can help you to change your perspective.”

Susan Tjaden, WaterBrook & Multnomah editor.

Each of the 45 illustrations in God Bless America contains quotes from Scripture, patriotic hymns, prominent historical figures, former presidents, and key documents from our nation's birth. The back of each page provides the historical context of the quote or person, making God Bless America both creative and educational.

God Bless America also features perforated pages so that you can remove and frame your favorite illustrations. This book also features a Spotify playlist that will provide you with hours of music creating an atmosphere that nourishes your mind and soul.


The Details:

  • 96 pages
  • 45 Illustrations
  • Single-sided
  • Perforated Pages
  • Heavy Paper
  • Spotify Play List

This is a really nice coloring book...every picture is patriotic and American and there is something here for everyone."

Amazon Reviewer                 
God Bless America Adult Coloring Book Cover

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Grab your colored pencils, find a comfortable chair, and spend some time celebrating America with the God Bless America Adult Coloring Book. 

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