Video Review: Harry Potter Adult Coloring Book By Scholastic

Whether you think of yourself a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, a human or a house elf, this adult coloring book will bring the lessons from Harry Potter to life.

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A Review of The Inspire Bible for Creative Bible Journaling

Review Of The Inspire Bible For Creative Journaling By TyndaleWe received an advance copy of the new Inspire Bible, and the leather-like version of this Bible exceeded our expectations. With this Bible, Tyndale brings Bible journaling and adult coloring together in one outstanding package.

If you enjoy coloring and Bible journaling, you will love this Bible.

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How To Improve Your Coloring With Colored Pencil Accessories

When we first discovered adult coloring, we had no idea of the variety of coloring books and supplies that were available.  In the beginning, we were a bit overwhelmed learning which tools worked best for us.

It wasn’t long before we found that colored pencils were one of the tools that we enjoyed the most. They are easy to use, we don’t worry about them bleeding through our drawings, and they produce beautiful results.

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Which Colored Pencil Sharpener Is The Best For You?

If you have been coloring for a while, you know how frustrating it is when your pencil point becomes dull, or the lead breaks!

In the case of colored pencils, the “lead” isn’t lead at all. It is a colored pigment held together with a binding agent. This “lead” is very soft, easy to break, and difficult to sharpen into a perfect point.

Since our colored pencils are designed to last a long time if we sharpen them correctly, it is important for you to to find the right tool that will help you to create the perfect point.

While there are several ways to sharpen pencils, we will focus on the three most popular ones: handheld pencil sharpeners, electric pencil sharpeners, and hand-crank pencils sharpeners.

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Which Colored Pencils Are The Best For You?

One of the questions that we often hear is, “Which colored pencils are the best?”

This is not an easy question for us to answer. There are so many pencils on the market today that it can be difficult for us to know what one is best for you. We might even recommend a different type of pencil depending on what you like to color.

If you ask a group of colorists, what they prefer, you’re likely to get several different answers. Everyone has their favorite. It all depends on what you like.

So “what are the best” is a matter of opinion.

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