When we first discovered adult coloring, we had no idea of the variety of coloring books and supplies that were available.  In the beginning, we were a bit overwhelmed learning which tools worked best for us.

It wasn’t long before we found that colored pencils were one of the tools that we enjoyed the most. They are easy to use, we don’t worry about them bleeding through our drawings, and they produce beautiful results.

Along the way, we learned that there were many colored pencil accessories that will enhance the results of your colored pencils and will help you to have a fun coloring experience.

So, we thought that it would be fun to look at some of these colored pencil accessories and to show you how they can help you.

Colored Pencil Accessories

Colored Pencil Sharpeners

One of the most important colored pencil accessories is a pencil sharpener. Without a high-quality pencil sharpener, you will not be able to create the sharp point that is required to color the most detailed parts of your work. Less expensive pencil sharpeners can remove large chunks of your pencil casing reducing the life of your pencils.

There are several types of pencils sharpeners available today. Some of the most highly recommended ones include:

Colored Pencil Erasers

Colored pencil erasers come in handy for removing stray pencil marks and removing any other debris from your drawings.  Kneaded erasers should be your first choice because they will not damage your picture and can be shaped to remove marks from small areas.

White vinyl and imbibed erasers are also good choices for colorists, but you should avoid art gum, rubber, and any abrasive erasers like the plague.  Several colorists are recommending the Derwent Battery Eraser.

These are the most recommended Colored Pencil Erasers:

Artists Brushes

There are two places that brushes will come in handy on your coloring projects. The first is keeping your art free of debris. For this you will want to use a large soft-bristled brush or a spray can of compressed air.

You will also want to use a brush when you are using watercolor pencils or blending using solvents. You will want to use inexpensive, synthetic watercolor brushes for applying solvents, and higher quality artists brushes for your watercolor pencils.

Pencil Lengthener

Pencil Lengtheners also come in very handy. They increase your pencils longevity by making it easier to handle shorter pencil stubs.  Some lengtheners allow you to use stubs as short as 1/4″ allowing you to get the most out of your pencils. One of the most highly recommended pencil lengtheners is the Derwent Pencil Extender Set.

Colorless Blender

A colorless blender will allow you to blend pencil colors without adding color. This item looks like a colored pencil, but the core only consists of the binder.

These are the most highly recommended colorless blenders:

Blending Solvents

You can use solvents to blend your colored pencils.  Using different solvents produce different results. Experiment with each of them to see how they react with your pencils.

Some of the most popular solvents include:

Accessory Kits

Prismacolor offers a 7-piece Colored Pencil Accessory Set. This kit is an has everything that you need to draw, blend, erase, and sharpen and it is an awesome way to get started with the right colored pencil accessories.

The kit includes a colorless blender pencil, colorless blender dual-tip marker, ebony graphite pencil, pencil lengthener, kneaded rubber eraser, Design 2000 plastic eraser, and a metal pencil sharpener.

These colored pencil accessories will enhance your results, and help you to have a fun coloring experience. Try one or more of these today and let us know how they help you get the most out of your colored pencils.

What other colored pencil accessories have you tried?