I have been coloring for almost two years now. I have scoured Facebook Coloring Groups and made wishlists on Amazon for many of the products my coloring friends have been loving.

My purchases have been for small amounts of pencils of every brand that were in my price range. I’ve tried most of the affordable brands, and found that my affinity was for Prismacolor Premier Pencils!

Prismacolor Premier Pencils

Determined to find a 150 Prismacolor Premier Pencil set for the lowest possible price, I watched Amazon like a hawk before scooping them up for $119!

Euphoria! All these amazing colors! However, I am not at all in love with the cardboard box that they came in. Because of the back issues that I have, I color in bed with a little lap desk, lamp, and clipboard.

This box makes it quite awkward to deal with in my setup, and my husband tries to be patient when I have flimsy plastic trays of pencils all over the bed. And if our beloved terrier, Santana, jumps onto the bed while my pencil trays are out, let’s just say I sound like a sailor!

I need a convenient way to store my 150 pencils! Argh!

Finding A Convenient Storage Solution

I had looked up on Amazon, and all I could find were holders that will hold up to 120 pencils. I am not gifted in the art of sewing, so making a holder myself is not an option. I didn’t want to purchase more than one because I was looking for the convenience of 150 pencils in a single organizer.

However, one lazy Saturday morning, in between laundry loads, I was perusing Amazon and stumbled upon my answer! Fantastic! Scoot a little closer, and I will share with you my find that may answer the problem! **By the way, if there is another 150 pencil holder out there, please let me know as I am not aware!**

The Derwent Carry-All

Derwent makes a pencil holder called the Derwent Carry All, and the bag comes with three leaves, also referred to as sleeves or pages. Each leaf can hold 44 pencils, front and back. That comes to 132 pencils. Yes, I know we are short! I thought that I had the answer only to be short yet again.

But wait! There are additional leaves you can purchase that will also fit into the Derwent Carry All! You can buy extra leaves that come as a set of two to place in your Carry All! Eureka! A solution!

Next, I looked at the price and came up with a different plan. One of the comments on Amazon suggested the following, and I think it makes a lot of sense:

Purchase two Derwent Carry All Bags for $19.99 each. You end up with two bags and six leaves for your pencils. It sounds like you will need just four leaves for 150 pencils, and then you have an extra bag with two sleeves that can hold up to 88 pencils!

Why would you buy two bags instead of one bag and the extra leaves? Because the set of extra leaves cost $16.27! For $3.72, you can have so much more space to store your other supplies!

(What would you do with your extra bag that would hold 88 pencils, you ask? Weeeelllll, I have been eyeing Marco-Renoir Fine Art 72 Color Drawing Pencils! I have the Marco Raffine 72 already that are fantastic, but now I need to fill up the extra bag, right?)

Yes, this is an investment, but if you have been searching for one carrier that will hold your pencils, like me, this would be wonderful! Look for a video when I finally have them!

Gotta go, this post is getting a little expensive…