Outside the Lines Too is the second in a series of adult coloring books by Souris Hong. This adult coloring book is a compilation of more than 100 different line drawings by a variety of fine artists, graphic artists, illustrators, photographers, street artists, filmmakers and more. The designs are wildly different though they are all quite contemporary in their styles.

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Outside the Lines Too

Over 100 Artists

Most adult coloring books contain the designs of a single artist and have a similar look and feel. This book includes the designs of over 100 artists so each page will be a new adventure. You can choose to color the design that matches your mood that day.

Multiple Styles

If you’re looking for something with a range of different types of images to color, this is a good choice. Some of the pages are very intricate and require more time and attention to detail. Other pages have larger areas to color and more simple images.

Huge Selection

Coloring Outside The Lines Too a huge coloring book with over 250 pages to color. With this many pages, you are almost guaranteed to find several drawings that you will love.  

Features and Benefits

  • Two-hundred-fifty-six pages
  • Over 100 artists
  • Black print on bright white pages
  • One-sided printing
  • Perforated pages

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Outside the Lines Too is a huge adult coloring book containing a variety of drawings from over 100 artists. The pages vary range from simple and childlike to angry and complicated, and everything in between.

I found 32 customer reviews at the time of writing, and they had awarded Outside the Lines Too 4.6 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few points raised. One customer said, “This is a bit more edgy than I was expecting. I enjoy art but some of these are just ugly and even dark. Not a fan.”

Other customers said, “One of my favorite coloring books! Sure, some of the images aren’t to my liking or adult-like, but I love the variety that this book brings to the table. I can share the more kid-like images with my kids! When I need to color for therapy, I color something to fit my mood. And, I can usually find something in this big book! I call it querky and fun!” and “Recommend, great coloring book! Now I’m gonna check out the original”

If you are looking for a book that is a little different from your other adult coloring books, we recommend that you try Outside the Lines Too.

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