Welcome to Coloring For Fun’s video book review of Marjorie Sarnat’s new adult coloring book, Fanciful Fashions

This book is brimming with fun-to-color fashions, Fanciful Fashions has 35 clothing collections designed in adorable detail. Colorists can enjoy timeless classics and hot fashion trends such as floral jeans, animal prints, strapless gowns, bangles and baubles, statement heels, tropical beachwear, poodle skirts, and much more. The themed outfits display an array of accessories on imaginative backgrounds. Each page tells its own fashion story, and the colors you choose bring the styles to life.

What’s included:
* 35 Coloring Pages
* Designs printed on one side only
* Trivia about each fashion collection
* Color ideas and inspiration

Marjorie invites you to express yourself, relax, and have fun, because you have a color story to tell.

I hope that you enjoyed our review of Marjorie Sarnat’s new adult coloring book, Fanciful Fashions

Make sure that you check out the page that feels special to Marjorie, “Hoot Couture,” which features the owl fashion. Here is what Marjorie has to say about “Hoot Couture.

“Owls have flown in and out of fashion over the years, but now they’re perched to stay. I love these mysterious, nocturnal birds as symbols of wisdom and good fortune. Their huge round eyes captivate me.”
As you can see, Owls adapt beautifully in fashion and coloring books with their patterns and color possibilities. Grab a copy of Fanciful Fashions today and start coloring your fashion story.

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